My husband has been depressed. I noticed strange behavior of him and took him psychosomatic medicine then we got true that he was depressed. I  try to support him in order to get better soon. He is too earnest to notice his toleration of stress. I hope he become what he used to be.

I think spending time relaxing like traveling is good way for him. I try to take him many beautiful place and I would like to share experience throughout his treatment.

Why writing by English

I have studied English for about 20 years but I can’t speak English fluently. I think it is due to lack of experience using English. That’s why I manage to write article in English to improve my ability. I believe my English skill will get better throughout this activity. I hope reader don’t mind my poor English.

About topics

I focus on topics in this blog about manga, traveling, beauty, taking care of kids. If you want to know other things, please feel free to contact me. I will try to answer it.

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